Below are some notes from recent meetings of the Transition Houston Heart & Soul action group, to give you an idea of the type of discussions that occur.

The best way to find out is to come see for yourself!  We welcome ALL.  Our group is an inclusive and safe space for everyone.


10 July 2014 meeting notes:
More new faces at Heart & Soul!  HOORAY!  What a blessing these meetings are.  A question was posed, and each person shared uninterrupted on their reactions to the question.  The question dealt with how one might hold people accountable and/or assist people in taking action on the issues of our day to create a more beautiful world, if those people do not come from a privileged background.  After the "sharing" portion of the meeting, we discussed plans for the Heart & Soul action group to host the October general meeting of Transition Houston.  It will be a FUN program you won't want to miss, and will involve each of you in creating something beautiful together.  At the end of the meeting we renewed our commitments to habit change.  People are working on things as varied as biking to work, meditation, meal planning, and ending their use of disposable cleaning products.  Taken individually, these may seem like small steps, but collectively they represent big change.

We are still adhering for the next few months to our meeting format which is loosely based on 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, but with a non-violence twist, and focused on celebrating our sobriety from consumerism, as opposed to alcohol. 

Future Meetings
We continue meet the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 6:30pm.  For location, email Megan Parks or Nell Warnes
22 May 2014 meeting notes:
We welcomed another newcomer and shared a delicious veggie pot pie made by Nell's culinary genius of a husband.  I am so glad to see new faces at our meetings, along with some of our regulars.  It is a privilege to be in your presence. Each person read the same 2 page excerpt from a book on happiness, and shared uninterrupted on their reactions to it. Afterwards we continued with a general discussion on happiness, consumerism, culture, and choice, reviewed our habit commitments with each other and adjourned


24 April 2014 meeting notes:

We had a smaller than normal group; in fact it was just 2 people, who had a good discussion.  I hope more of you will find space to come out this month. Embodying simplicity often requires moving against the powerful current of our mainstream culture.  It can be so hard to do this work alone, and I know that I for one really need you guys!