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During our August meeting, we explored local issues and discussed how to raise awareness that would enable us to make informed decisions in November and beyond. Educating and empowering members within our communities and our elected officials is an integral part of bringing about the changes we need. By continuing to learn, share and take action with one another, we can transform our present and our future. Important information is below that was shared.

Download Voter Resources Guide | Download Climate Change Resources

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Nonpartisan Election Resources



Provides user specific ballots and candidate Q&A information. It’s a collaborative site, of LWV, local NPR, Texas Standard, etc.

Area Contact: 713.784.2923

The voter’s candidate comparison guide and user specific ballots (which will be updated before early voting begins) can be accessed here

Houston Chronicle Candidate Overview (Nov 2018 not yet available)

The Houston Chronicle provides an overview of candidates and their positions (prior to the Chronicle’s endorsements) The November 2018 election overview is not yet available.


Climate Change: It's warming, It's Us, We're Sure, It's Bad, We can fit it!

Ever wonder who’s responsible for climate change action in our local, state and federal government? Download Climate Change Resources for more details!

Climate Change Resources:

Organizational Resources Description
Sierra Club Foundation / Sierra Club Beyond Coal, Stop the Rollback of Clean Car Standards
350.Org Campaign To Achieve 100% Renewables; Guides, Templates, Visuals For Organizers Against The Climate Crisis
Union of Concerned Scientists Global warming solutions; fighting misinformation
Natural Resources Defense Council Everything you wanted to know about our changing climate but were too afraid to ask.
World Meteorological Organization World-wide weather observations and calculations. WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin (published annually)
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Provide metrics on climate change. Disclosures are among the most frequently reported by organizations using GRI sustainability reporting standards
Public Citizen Leading the campaign for a climate action plan for Houston
The Climate Mobilization An organization focused on a truth-based response to climate change that matches the scope and scale of the threat
NextGen America Advancing transition to a clean energy economy; supporting candidates who support climate action;   Acting politically to prevent climate disaster
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Launched methane satellite to measure man-made emissions. Efforts focused on influencing elected officials.
Citizens’ Climate Lobby Exists to create the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power.

Climate Change Scorecards

Scorecards on Elected Officials


League of Conservation Voters

House and Senate Scorecard

Congressional House and Senate National Voting Records Dating back to 1998

Environment America Scorecard

Interactive scorecard can help you learn how your elected representatives have voted on important environmental issues.

2017 Sierra Club Texas Scorecard

Sierra Club’s 85th Texas Legislature and Special Session Scorecard

Heritage Action For America

Review this scorecard of conservatives as a comparison


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