A 4-H club focused on sustainability and supported in part by Transition Houston

meets most months during the school year at Bayland Park Community Center, 6400 Bissonnet.  


Since 2013 we have enjoyed a variety of family activities,

including a focus on food & horticulture last year.


If you enjoy making, growing, and exploring, please register your interest at the link below,

and we will contact you with more information as soon as we can:


You can send comments or questions to info@transitionhouston.org.


Curious about 4-H in Texas? Read more at http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/,

follow Harris County 4-H on Facebook

or listen to a 2014 news story about 4-H on KUHF's Houston Matters.

(Un 4-H Club de la sostenibilidad se reúne en Bayland Community Center, 6400 Bissonnet. En el 2013-2014 año escolar, hemos desfrutado de un gran variedad de actividades.  En el 2014-2015, esperamos viajes, jardinería ¡y tal vez un poco de pesca!  Si te gusta crear, cultivar, y explorar, por favor registre su interés en el enlace. ¿Tienes curiosidad por 4-H de Texas? Lea más en "¿Que es 4-H?")
Bayland Park, part of the Harris County parks system, is convenient to a lot of neighborhoods in Southwest Houston, including Sharpstown, Braes Acres, Robindell, Maplewood, Westbury, Braeswood, Meyerland, and Bellaire.  Come visit us! 
We appreciate in-kind donations to help us support our eager students.  Contact us at info@transitionhouston.org for information on how you can help.


4-H Sponsors

We are looking for in-kind donations to help us support our eager students.  Contact us at info@transitionhouston.org for information on how you can help.

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No room for a pony? Join 4-H, instead.

We offer classes and activities in photography, sewing, animal science, and more. Even horses. For more information or to join the club visit www.transitionhouston.org/4-H.

Register Your Interest: Transition Houston 4-H at Bayland Park!

4-H at Bayland Community Center!

For a third year, Transition Houston will be helping to support a 4-H club focused on community resilience and sustainability.  The new club will meet monthly--with project groups possibly meeting more often--at Bayland Community Center, 6400 Bissonnet.  This survey is to gauge your interests in the club--we'd love to have you join us!
This will be a family club.  Your involvement will be vital to the success of the program.
The club will be meeting the 2nd Tuesday evening of the month from August to May.  Some project groups may meet more frequently.
Age requirements for 4-H are:
     - 4-H Clover Kids:  Ages 5-7 and in grades K-2
     - 4-H Club Member:  Ages 8-18 and in third grade or higher
If you would like your own 4-H club at your local school or neighborhood, you may contact the Harris County Extension Office.
Questions or comments?  Please send a message to info@transitionhouston.org.
Contact Information

(At least one parent should commit as a club volunteer.)

Club Members
Child Member #1

Age of the child as of September 1, 2015.

(Some topics offer opportunities for local and state competition.)

What are your ideas for a Cherryhurst 4-H group focused on sustainability?

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Transition Houston 4-H Activities 2013-2014

Soldering for Electronics, March 2014
___  2013  ___
Learning About 4-H With Sheryl Nolen, Harris County Cooperative Extension
Bike Safety & Mechanics
JMG Activity:  Plants as Medicine
Holiday Break
___  2014  ___
Solar Power & The Importance of Batteries with the GBRC
T-shirt Bags with Carmen & David Reisdorf (Textiles Project)
Soldering Electronics
March Volunteer Project:
Permablitz with Transition Houston & Plant It Forward
Officer Nominations; Plotting 2014-2015
Officer Elections and Thank you Party
June, July
Welcome New Members Meeting for School Year 2014-2015
Working on 4-H sewing project, February 2014

Transition Houston 4-H Activities 2014-2015

Club Goals: Support families & projects related to sustainability & resilience

------------  2014  ------------



We explained 4-H and talked about our year. Leaders attended Harris County 4-H's leadership camp.



Angela Chandler taught us how to make Self-Watering Container Gardens.


We got some buckets from All We Need Farms, some extra PVC, and some soil and seeds and made self-watering container gardens for the community center.

Field Trip

We went to one family’s neighborhood to look at different types of backyard vegetable gardens.  We also looked at the family’s log cabin, chickens, and root cellar.


We did a “Food Bank Fiesta”--we tried to figure out what parts of plants the different foods we eat come from.  Then we left all our food in the Food Bank box at the community center. One weekend, some members attended a one-day 4-H cooking and food safety event at Bear Creek.

Service Project:  Care Kits for the Homeless

The club met at a family’s house and two of the members taught the others how to make t-shirt bags.  We filled them with essential toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, pens, and paper.  We took the bags to Lord of the Streets when we took our coat and clothing donation in December.

Chia pets!



First, we gathered coats from people in our community.  In the end, our club had a trunk full of coats and sweaters to deliver!  Then, we made chia pets out of panty hose and soil, and we decorated them with buttons, paint, and a hot glue gun.


------------  2015  ------------



We brought newspaper, soil, and seeds, and two members taught the rest of the club how to make newspaper pots for transplanting seedlings. One weekend, some 4-H'ers attended sewing service workshops at Bear Creek with 4-H and Master Gardener volunteers.


We experimented with using Skype, a VoIP (Voice over IP) app that allows videoconferencing.  County-level competitions began for some projects.



Harris CERT invited us to a meeting with LifeFlight from Memorial Hermann.  We watched the helicopter land and take off, and we got to talk to the paramedic, flight nurse, and pilot.


We took a break to get ready for D-9, a district-level competition weekend at Alvin Community College.


We harvested carrots from our container gardens, and took the containers home for the summer.  We talked about plans for next year.  We decided we would have more meetings over Zoom.us so that more people could come without driving so far or worrying about homework.

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