Transition Houston "Operating Manual"

Transition Houston needs a constitution, a written document that provides the intent and protocols that guide our decision making and organizational structure.  We have been largely operating on an oral tradition that has evolved over the several years that we have been together.  While that seems to have worked okay so far, having a document that spells everything out can help everyone to a common level of understanding about who we are and how we do things.

Stephen Crawford and Theresa Keefe have put a lot of effort into developing such a foundational document, with input from members of the core team.  They call it the Transition Houston Operating Manual.  The draft of the Operating Manual is shared here, so that members of Transition Houston can review it and provide their feedback about whether it successfully addresses the issues and questions that need to be addressed, and how it (and our organization) can be improved.

After a period of review and revision there was a vote of the membership to adopt (or not) the Operating Manual.  The Operating Manual has been approved.

Comments are now closed (due to a tremendous level of spam in the approval queue), but we welcome your comments by email or at our monthly meetings.  This is intended to be a living document, and we will update as we learn.

TransitionHoustonOperatingManual-2.1.pdf109.07 KB